• SR003    February 4, 2017

SIIK RADIO 003 bringing in the new year a month late. I drove up to the bay on a solo mission for New Years and had a bunch of music like this to really set an introspective tone, as such happens when you drive long distances with no interruptions. It really made me miss driving. In 2012 I leisurely drove across the country in about two and a half weeks, and this recent drive up the 5 reminded me of that feeling of just driving. Very zen-like, single purpose, hyperfocus. Although I can't even say if I was really focused on driving and being aware of my surroundings - I think most of those functions are muscle memory, autopilot even, and I'm left to just think. I wonder if there's a case for driving while in a meditative state. (as I type that, it sounded far less dangerous in my head)

Bonus love for Atmosphere on the first track.

Morgana King - Like a Seed
Childish Gambino - The Night Me and Your Mama Met
George Benson - Nature Boy
Brownout - Brown Wind And Fire
Remy Shand - Homeward
Georgie Fame - Sitting in The Park
Don Julian - Just Kiss Me
Caetano Veloso - Eles
Roland Kovac Orchestra - Blue Dance
Muhsinah - A.M.
Frank Ocean - Solo
Ennio Morricone - Uno Che Grida Amore
Les Baxter - On A Warm Night
Stereolab - How To Play Your Internal ORgans
Chocolat - Tears of Eternal (instrumental)
Shook - Her Eyes
Todd Terje - Preben Goes to Acapulco
Yonderboi - The Severance
Nils Frahm - Them
Boxwork - Two Followed
ventla - calabaza
Rotary Connection - Pump Effect